Kennedy Magazine X Rodakis


Rodakis explores the simulacra, less concerned about what is, than about what could’ve been. Rodakis is, so to say, the reflection. With a naive, tintinesque approach some would call pseudo scientific, the Académie researches not so much what our predecessors saw on their travels but the images they’ve returned with. The seemingly random products connected to the Académie on the other hand couldn’t be placed closer to reality. They’re fulfilling their purpose, but nothing more. They’re the bridge between reflection and the thing being reflected, until there’s no differentiation left, because in the end, reality is just a suggestion.

_ Pascal Alexander, The Rodakis Principle, 2017


The exceptionally practical bookband Rodakis created for Kennedy Magazine is a gem of a product inspired by daily life on the Académie Rodakis campus, allowing you to carry books and other loose ends with dignity. It wont hold your life together, but it sure does help the impression.

Athina Delyannis