The New York based menswear label, Corridor, is thrilled to present the first video in a new series that spotlights the people and processes behind the brand.

Since launching in 2013, Corridor's Founder/Designer, Dan Snyder, has been committed to ethical and sustainable manufacturing. And now he's taking that one step further by making Corridor a collection of single-origin garments; wherever the fabrics are milled, that's where the garments will be manufactured.

Explains Snyder, "how - and by whom - our clothes are made is just as important as how they are designed. With our new Single Origin Initiative, each garment is crafted from start-to-finish in a one place. Not only does this reduce our environmental impact by cutting out unnecessary shipping, it also means a better-made collection overall."

The first video was shot on location at the Original Madras Trading Company in India, with whom Corridor has been developing and milling exclusive shirting fabrics for over two years. Says Snyder, "Our shirts, which are the cornerstone of our brand, are sourced and sewn in India - something we're very proud of. This first video provides a glimpse into that process. The people and the factory - which, in addition to state-of-the-art facilities, also has a free daycare center, women's rehabilitation center, and provides an array of employee benefits - they are what make our clothes special."


Cinematography: local film students

Producer/Editor: Katherine Fairfax Wright

Soundtrack: Danny Fujikawa

christos kontos